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Many countries have marketing and advertising by dental professionals. It is with legalities, guidelines and regulations. The paper less system and dental management softwares as virtual assistants perform a number of simple tasks in the dental clinic with greater precision, less manpower and fewer errors than human counterparts. Booking and coordinating regular appointments according to the convenience of the patients and dentists.

Another breakthrough in AI is the “ChatBot ”, the all in one system used for Dentistry practice management and marketing. Thru its messaging, dentists can use it as the applications are easy to use. Dentists can learn and implement on their dental office, aid on dental practice and a great tool in marketing. You don’t need any technical knowledge to build bots using a bot builder software.

This program interfaces with your practice management and marketing systems to proactively schedule treatment which can launch new patients through code scanning, marketing and automation campaigns based on profit maximization algorithms. It ensures patients' satisfaction thru efficiency of using their phone and internet connection if they have any queries. This can save time and effort then build rapport. (see,,

We can be certain that AI will change dentistry in a way we cannot even imagine today. Dentistry has always been at the forefront in implementing new technologies. We’ll continue to see its progress in the practice management and growth arena. Although AI is a great aid to the field of dentistry and dental education, biological systems are much more complex and it can in no way replace human knowledge, skill and decision making ability.

Today’s AI is invading our everyday lives, in a more subtle way. The digital assistants like Alexa
of Amazon and Siri of Apple are some of the examples. Finally, Artificial Intelligence is also in the field of dentistry. Its current hype is hard to miss. Healthcare is being touted as a vertical that will be completely transformed by AI in the future.

Artificial Intelligence is defined as ‘a field of science and engineering concerned with the computational understanding of intelligent behavior with the creation of artifacts that exhibit such behavior’.The applications of these technologies like Expert systems, Game playing, Theorem-proving, Natural language processing, Image recognition and Robotics in various fields like telecommunication and aerospace have progressed. Technology has revolutionized the field of medicine and dentistry in the last decade.

2 Categories of Application;


It is visible thru digital radiograph, CADCAM, 3D-printing and a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence to detect dental caries on bitewing x-rays. It is under an investigation protocol to evaluate its effectiveness and utility in providing patient care. (see 
In addition, AI on Clinical Practice ensures and supports the diagnosis. Mobile applications are available which identifies malignant melanomas by comparing the pictures from the patient with a vast  interphase of lesions from around the world. (see Mole Check App, Online Derm Clinic,). A similar system can be applied and implemented for self-examination of suspected oral cancerous lesions.

Dr. Kevin Mirasol is a fulltime Dentist and Internet Entrepreneur. He graduated in Iloilo Doctors College of Dentistry. He is practicing his profession in the Philippines both in public health and private practice as well. He is passionate in business and marketing specifically online marketing. With the knowledge that he acquired from different courses, mentors in marketing and universal laws, he founded the PRODM-Pro Dental Marketing a dental marketing and consulting agency located in the Philippines.

PRODM focuses in the Dentistry niche. It supports dental professionals and dental offices on their practice through digital marketing. With the advancement of Artificial Intelligence in the marketing industry, Dr. Mirasol focuses on AI-marketing research which main focus is thru implementing on dental practice management. Currently, he is spending all his time with his family, dental practice, dental marketing agency, dental business coaching and consulting.

“Let’s keep moving forward.”-Kevin

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