Endodontic Apical Obturation Instruments
Double Ended Plugger
Buchanan Condenser
Retro Filling Plugger
Abou-Rass Angled Apical Plugger
A product by Kerr, the Double-Ended Plugger with 90 degree angle is suitable for small anterior applications.
The Buchanan Condenser by Kerr is angled with a ball burnisher on the opposite side. Condensers are autoclavable and manufactured from only the highest-grade surgical stainless steel.
The Retro Filling Plugger by Hu Freidy  is used to compact filling material during vertical condensation.
The Abou-Rass Angled Apical Plugger by Hu Freidy is designed for easy access and visability of the apical foramina.
C​​arbide Preparation Burs
NeoBurr Carbides
NTI 1-Piece Operative Carbides
Great White Gold Series
Razor Carbide
A product of Microcopy, Surgical burs: 151Z, 151LZ, Lindemannn, Safe-end.
NTI 1-Piece Operative Tungsten Carbides have a micro-precise calibration of the shank that guarantees concentric, turbine friendly operation.
From SS White Burs, Inc. the Great White Gold Series Carbide Burs are a unique state-of-the-art design that has increased dentates and incorporated an enhanced blade geometry so the bur cuts faster than a straight-bladed bur and smoother than a regular dentated bur.
The Razor Carbides by Kerr transversing tip and blade geometry for smooth, rapid and plunge cutting. The concentric one-piece construction, eliminates chatter and vibration and come in specialty shapes and sizes.
Endodontic Calcium Hydroxide Materials
TempCanal Enhanced
UltraCal XS 
From Pulpdent, this material is a therapeutic treatment paste for routine canal treatment between office visits and whenever extended calcium hydroxide therapy is indicated.
SmearClear by Kerr Endodontics addresses this issue by consistently removing the smear layer and leaving the dentinal tubules clear of organic matter. An increase in the efficacy of adhesives as well as an assist in the 3-dimensional obturation of the root canal system..
UltraCal XS is a uniquely formulated 12.5 pH calcium hydroxide paste that is both aqueous and radiopaque. For years, calcium hydroxide has been recognized as an antibacterial agent due to ts high pH as well as its ability to potentially stimulate healing of bone.
DYCAL Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition is a rigid, self-setting material used during pulp-capping, and as a protective base/liner under dental filling materials. Quick set time and excellent handling characteristics made DYCAL the number 1 selling calcium hydroxide composition.
Endodontic Electric Motors
ProMark Endodontic Motor
Endo DTC 
EndoTouch TC2
Tri Auto ZX
The brushless ProMark motor is a versatile and complete endodontic motor for rotary and reciprocation. It is preloaded with our complete library of rotary and reciprocation settings and is fully programmable for individual preferences. You can also update it with future endodontic innovations for a longer return on your investment.
The Endo DTC® Electronic Endodontic System is fully programmable with five memory locations to help automate your operating procedure.  The Auto Stop Reverse feature automatically reverses the direction of rotation of the file when a defined torque level is reached - reducing the occurrence of file breakage while lessening procedure time. The Endo DTC® also features an integrated calibration system for accuracy and consistent operation.
the Endotouch TC2 has a large LCD display, simple 5-key operation and a lightweight, ergonomic design to assure comfort and ease of use during even the most delicate endodontic procedures. The auto reverse and alarm functions indicate the load is about to reach the pre-set torque level, allowing you to unload the file even before the auto reverse sets in.
The cordless Tri Auto ZX is a endodontic handpiece with a built-in apex locator, providing the capability and convenience to electronically monitor the root canal before, during and after instrumentation. With the Root ZX apex locator, the Tri Auto ZX can significantly increase accuracy and safety. The Tri Auto ZX also offers greater control and flexibility with the adjustable torque settings.