Dental Equipment and Furniture
Dentist Chair
Doctor's Stool Model 080B
Dentist's Stool from Anthos
Bambach Classic
Doctor's Dental Stool
Model 2003
Excellent support and comfort for all day use.
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Designed by occupational therapists and an engineer Bambach Saddle stool will make a dramatic difference in your sitting/working position and visibility, which can result in marked health benefits.
Pelton & Crane Dental Stools and Dental Assistant Stools provide superior comfort and support for every dental application. Various colors and finishes allow you to select a dentist stool that complements each operatory design aesthetic.
Dental Operatory Side Cabinetry
Evolution Side Console
D-2 Wall Mount Storage Unit 
Artizan® Expressions Glove, Towel and Cup Dispenser
Synthesis® Casework Collection
With modern style, sturdy construction and integrated power and computer connections, the Evolution Side Console can be the foundation of a cutting edge operatory. The cabinets can be reconfigured for future uses, and the sturdy construction with a metal sub-base is designed to make sure these cabinets stand up to the use they’ll see at a busy practice.
D-2 Wall mounted storage cabinets provide the additional storage space that may be needed to maximize operatory efficiency. Complete units are available with both upper and lower sections, or as individual upper or individual lower sections.
The Artizan® Expressions Glove, Towel and Cup Dispenser is an integrated solution to your hygienic needs, making accessibility to all of your sanitary goods convenient and aseptic. ​​​

The Synthesis® Glove, Towel and Cup Dispenser is an integrated solution for your hygienic needs, making accessibility to all of your sanitary goods convenient and aseptic.
Dental Operatory Light
SingLED Operatory Light
Simplicity LED Operatory Light
BEL-HALO LED Dental Operatory Light
LEDview Plus Dental Operating Light
Designed as an energy efficient upgrade, the Simplicity LED Operatory Light offers three light intensities and adjustable color temperature. Featuring ergonomic handles and 3-axis adjustment for easier positioning, it can be controlled manually or with a hands free sensor. The Simplicity LED light can be installed as a new light or as a retrofit kit to upgrade an existing Simplicity Halogen light installation.
Planmeca has created a new LED light that provides shadow free and consistent color corrected illumination throughout the light pattern, which minimizes eye strain even during long dental procedures. Planmeca’s SingLED Operatory Light provides a hands-free solution to infection control for turning the light on or off as well as providing adjustable settings throughout the color temperature range.
BEL-HALO LED Dental Operatory Light produce cool, natural light with high color rendering performance, for correct tooth shade matching and for differentiation of soft tissue. Step-less light intensity can be adjusted to fit operatory ambient light conditions.
LEDview Plus Dental Operating Light technology ensures the highest level of precision with optimum illumination. It is designed to provide optimal light intensity, light size and color for easy visualization of the oral cavity. Ergonomically designed, it brings a natural light feeling to the operatory. With power settings between 5,000 to 40,000 lux and a composite mode, the LEDView Plus is easy to use for any dental procedure.
Dental Operatory Chair Packages
PLANMECA Compact i Dental Operatory Package
S220TR Side Delivery / Continental Dental Operatory Package
S280TRC Continental Operatory Package
Anthos Classe A5 Dental Operatory Package
PLANMECA Compact i Dental Operatory Package Touch has a fully integrated touch panel for excellent usability and workflow. The dental unit use is made simple by displaying clear symbols and text in the large display. Both the dentist and assistant have good access to the panel and benefit from its excellent viewing angles.
The S220TR Side Delivery has a side delivery cart system while the S220TR Continental's arched design of the arms - self-balancing with a system of joints for efficient articulation - allows the dentist to operate comfortably in positions ranging from 9 o’clock to 12 o’clock.
With the Continental version, optimal working positions are achieved. Seat height adjustment ensures optimal posture for all members of the dental team. Positioning of the instruments on the dentist’s module, which can be moved effortlessly, provides dentists with a comfortable operating posture from the 9 o’clock to 1 o’clock positions. S280 TRc’s balanced design increases the space around the patient and enables staff to work very comfortably in the operating area.
Classe A5 is the model with the widest range of working configurations and ergonomic set-ups. It offers truly outstanding versatility, in every sense. In addition to several different models, the Classe A5 provides dentists with extensive personalisation through the application of high-quality options, from instruments to integrated X-ray systems; these innovative features stem from the most recent Anthos R&D.
S300 Continental Dental Operatory Package
TENEO Dental Chair Package
A-dec 511 Dental Chair
Midmark Ultra Series® Asepsis
The S300 Continental treatment center not only offers a unit with perfectly designed components but also provides for smooth interaction between dentist, patient and assistant.
TENEO Dental Chair Package treatment center offers outstanding comfort, combined with a streamlined treatment workflow.
A-dec 500 dental chair: Premium comfort for your patients. Great ergonomic access for you. Not only does the A-dec 500 dental chair provide your patients with more comfort than any dental chair available today, it allows you to get close enough to the patient to maintain a healthy posture, reducing pain and discomfort.
The Midmark Choice Package brings you the quality and features in operatory equipment you expect from Midmark. With these attractive offerings, you can move your dreams from planning to reality, without concern about compromising quality for affordability.