Bulk filled Restoratives

Designed for posterior restorations, bulk filled restoratives allows you to fill the prepared tooth and cure restorations in small layers  saving you time. 

x-tra fil
SonicFill 2
x-tra fil Dental Hybrid Composite by VOCO is a fast bulk fill packable posterior composite.
A unique composite system that uses a specialized sonic handpiece to reduce its viscosity during placement, SonicFill 2 provides optimal adaptation and handling while curing in 5 mm increments and providing ideal, long-lasting marginal integrity.
Filtek™ Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative by 3M is designed for one-step placement of posterior composite restorations up to 5mm. Available in 5 shades, the material provides excellent handling and adaptation.
Along with ideal translucency, Beautifil Bulk Restorative offers a high fill ratio which reduces polymerization shrinkage stress while increasing compressive and flexural strength. The material's light diffusion and transmission properties ensure complete polymerization of 4 mm increments.
Composite Reinforcement Fibers

Made from glass resins and are used to hold teeth or restorations in place or to repair restorations temporarily.

EverStick Fiber Bridge
Perfect Splint C
GrandTec Glass Fiber
Consists of glass fibres and a polymer/resin gel matrix for reinforcing dental composites. Cured directly onto the periodontally compromised teeth, creating a strong but suitably elastic long-term splint that can be easily removed when no longer needed.
Original Ribbond is a general purpose fiber reinforcement that can be used for the same applications as Ribbond-THM. It is thicker (0.35 mm) than Ribbond-THM.
Perfect Splint C are pre-curved splinting nets. Curved nylon (0.20 mm thickness) or super thin stainless steel mesh (.20 mm thickness) simplify the application of splinting in the mouth.
Optimally suited for a variety of adhesive techniques, such as splinting teeth for temporary, primary interlocking after orthodontic or periodontic therap; and as a foundation for treatment with composites in trauma therapy and space treatment . .
Composite Instrument Wetting Resin

 These resin materials can be dropped or brushed on composite placement instruments to make it easier to apply and shape the composite restoration.

Modeling Composite
Composite Wetting Resin
Anti Stick Composite 
Bisco's Light-cured, low viscosity microfilled resin for use as a composite sculpting resin. MODELING RESIN overcomes this aggravating tackiness and was developed to aid in the placement and shaping of dentists composites.
Ultradent's Composite Wetting Resin is a 45% filled, light-cured, liquid resin. It is significantly superior to single-component adhesives, which contain solvents and inhibit composite polymerization.
Temrex Anti-Stick Composite Instrument Wetting Resin for easy instrument clean-up.
A product by Centrix, LubeCube cleans, conditions & lubricates instruments. With LubeCube, simply peel off the adhesive back, stick it to a surface and slide your instrument tip through the slit. The cleaning and lubricating action will allow you to shape with ease.
Caries Infiltrant

Ideal for smooth surface lesions and proximal carious lesions. Does not require bulk removal of dentin prior to application.  

Icon Resin 
Cervitec Plus
Icon is an innovative product for the micro-invasive treatment of dental lesions in the proximal region and on smooth surfaces.Icon is available in two variations -Icon Resin Infiltrant – Proximal is specially developed for proximal dental lesions. Icon Resin Infiltrant – Smooth Surfaceis specially developed for the infiltration on smooth surfaces, it is particularly well suited for orthodontic patients after bracket removal.
Cervitec Plus is a further development of Cervitec, the chlorhexidine-containing protective varnish, which has been successfully used since 1993.
Indications include protection of exposed root surfaces, treatment of hypersensitive cervicals, reduction of bacterial activity on tooth surfaces. The varnish delivery form in combination with your professional skill enables precision application. Therefore, the active ingredients chlorhexidine and thymol can take effect directly on the tooth surface.